ColorGrande Review

You’ve done coloring books–now, do ColorGrande™. It’s fun – it’s doable – it’s keepable. No two are alike once colored. Wonderful quality fabric with preprinted black outlines waiting for your coloring strokes. Your wall is waiting to proudly showcase your masterpiece. The best of coloring fun and decorating fun. 
Coloring-to-Decorate” is a beautifully bound book of thirty-eight, single-sided pages for coloring with crayons and colored pencils. Consisting of 8×10 line drawings on medium-sized-loving paper, the compact, portable book is ideal for the artist-on-the-go. The designs are sophisticated and whimsical, traditional and contemporary, with imagery including fourteen room designs, beautiful florals and carousel horses, animals and nature, cityscapes and everyday life. The book is yet another canvas for the artist and emerging artist to create decorative pieces of art for walls or tables in the home, dorm room, office, and even the hospital room.
We received one of the printed fabric art pieces, and the Coloring to Decorate coloring book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My husband is quite the artist, and he loves to color. I have gotten him quite a few grown up coloring books and he loves them. We received the Tribute to Matisse fabric wall hanging and the Coloring to Decorate Coloring for Adults coloring book. The coloring book has 40 pages of designs printed on only one side. These can be colored and then removed and framed and hung up. The designs are intricate and beautiful. There is a wide range of subject matter to appeal to anyone. The pages are thin, but there are blotter pages included to prevent bleed through. My husband is very happy with this coloring book.
The fabric wall hanging is a new kind of medium for my husband, but he is thoroughly enjoying working on this project. This hanging comes with stretcher frames. We got a couple little practice swatches and sheets as well. The fabric is silky and takes the color from my husbands colored pencils nicely. This is a relaxing and fun project to color, and I can’t wait to see what this looks like when we hang it up!
  1. Thank you for the good review of our products. We have very few undertake using colored pencil for a ColorGrande. Your husband is doing a beautiful and very credible rendition. Thank you both. Please let us see any finished results.

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