5 Quick, easy home maintenance tips

5 Quick, easy home maintenance tips
Home maintenance is a vast and never ending subject. From the very day of designing your new home, you will have to start maintaining it too. The maintenance of home is not just about furniture and paint, but there are many different elements that together keep your home in the tiptop condition. Before you carry out the home maintenance, ensure that you have some basic tools, working knowledge of operating those tools, little time, and a checklist to follow.
Following an organized process for home maintenance would keep you focused for quick and easy home maintenance. Some crucial areas of maintenance that would require regular inspection are mentioned here.
1. Electrical and Electronics
You would assume that there is no need of regular maintenance in this area till the things are working. The logic is correct partially, but not fully! Maintenance of electricals and electronics is not required only for smooth running or good performance, but it is also required to avoid any accident. Open wires, weathered electric fittings, uneven power supply, and inefficient safety switches can sometimes lead to a major accident. Inspect all the wiring, switches, and appliances twice in a year. Some electronics that are used according to the season may be inspected before the arrival of season. This would include air-conditioners and heaters. This inspection is crucial, so switch off the mains and wear proper safety gears before you start with the inspection process. You will have to drain the water heater, clean the air-conditioner filters, check the hose pipe of washing machine, and carry out many such inspections during the process.
2. Plumbing
Plumbing issues are popping all the time and need regular repairs. You can check the fittings on monthly basis to avoid major plumbing issue. The drainage for the bath tub and sinks would get clogged up eventually if you don’t take necessary cleaning measures.
* Oil and fat accumulation in kitchen sink would clog the drain badly. Avoid pouring such fats into the kitchen drain, and as the measure of safety you may pour hot water with dishwasher liquid to unclog the drain of any food residues.
* Bathroom drain clogs because of hair accumulation. Remove the hair filter in the bath tub or on the drainage, clean it and place it back. Drainage cleaning tools are also available for easy cleaning.
* The joints of faucets would start leaking after some years, so regularly tighten them with the help of proper tool. Get the well-equipped tool set at discounted prices from toolstop.co.uk or similar other to make things easier.
3. Painting
Getting the entire home repainted would take up lot of money and time. You can make this task easier by carrying out regular touch-ups in the areas where there is a need. Keep the leftover paint handy, so that you don’t have to head to a shop every time before carrying out the touch-up. You will get the
exact shade of the paint when you carry the sample to the shop. While painting the surface that needs touch-up, make sure that you cover other areas where you don’t intend to carry out any touch-ups.
4. Deep-cleaning and testing
Deep-cleaning the house is very much a necessity. You can do it quarterly. Deep-cleaning is not the superficial cleaning and would require cleaning of every nook and corner. Here is the deep cleaning checklist –
* Vacuum everything starting from furniture to window channels.
* Clean the chimney filters. Clean or replace the furnace filters as directed by the manufacturer.
* Vacuum the exhaust duct of clothes dryer.
* Clean the toilet drainage. Deep clean the tiles, exhaust, and ventilation.
* AC filters accumulate debris and leaves. Vacuum the filter or wash it to get clean air.
* Clean the walls with a vacuum or you can also opt for wet cleaning if the paint is water-proof.
* Test the garage door openers almost every month to ensure that there is no fault in the sensor.
* Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) should be tested to see that it trips immediately on high power voltage. You will need a voltage tester too.

5. Seepage
This is one of the most annoying issues that your home will face. This single issue will bring multiple issues if not treated in time. Some gaps in the bathroom flooring or walls would result into seepage that reaches out to the walls all around. Before the seepage affects your expensive wall-paper or paint, get it treated. You can fill up the gaps with grout or gel to get relief from seepage issues. Some more complex issues created out of concealed fittings may need professional involvement.
Your home is the place where you return after the whole day’s work to relax and rejuvenate. Keep it tidy and topnotch, so that you don’t experience the stress of petty issues that come your way.

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