Where Are The Passionate Nights Gone? Tips To Revive Your Sex And Love Life

Before you set for the the fire of passion in your relationship by creating a dim atmosphere for a playful night of rediscovery, you need to make a first medical stop to check that you are up to date with the latest contraceptive methods. Indeed, there are over 10 different methods that can be chosen from, some are specific to men and others to women. It’s important to make a regular check as with time your body changes and might experience negative effects from your preferred method. Additionally, some methods are not favored by all: If you are in a married and established relationship, it is unlikely that you will choose the same solutions than single people who are looking for a night of fun, for example. So have a look at the best methods on the market and enjoy love day after day with your mind at rest

#1. Think Natural Family Planning

Sometimes, contraception is just about knowing your body and understanding when to be cautious. Indeed, many women prefer to monitor their menstrual cycle in order to find out when their ovulation period is. With this, they know which days are the most fertile during the cycle and simply avoid any sexual activity during those. This is the most natural and body-friendly approach, which is why it remains a favorite for the women who are aware of leaving Mother Nature undisturbed. While you can find helpful contraceptive apps to help you monitor all the essentials, this natural method requires daily recordings, which can be difficult to keep when you already have a busy schedule ahead!

#2. Male Condoms

Condoms, and more exactly male condoms are one of the most common methods of contraception that is employed. It provides one of the best protection against STDs, and it is also extremely reliable when it comes to birth control. Condoms seem easy to use, as you don’t need any further preparation than putting it on before sex, and extremely easy to find, which should make them a favorite. They come in various shapes, colors, flavors and textures to appeal to most types of person. Unfortunately, when it comes to relationships, people tend to stay away from condoms when they want to establish a long-term relationship. The reason is simple: Condoms are not always comfortable for both partners, and most people find that they can reduce sensations too.  

#3. Female Condoms

The female condom is less heard of: This consists of a thin polyurethane tube that is used to line the vagina walls. Just like male condoms, the female condom is a single use only. It’s extremely effective as both a birth control method and protection against STDs. All you need to do is to place it just before sex and to remove it afterward. Unfortunately, it isn’t a very popular method as some women find it difficult to position. When the female condom is wrongly placed, it can split or tear easily and puts both partners at risk.

#4. Contraceptive Implant

The contraceptive implant is a small and flexible implant under the skin of the upper arm that releases hormones, progestogen, to stop ovulation. This is a favorite among active women, as there is no need to worry about contraception for up to three years once the implant has been placed. However, some women feel a little worried about this method, especially if they dislike surgery and anesthesia – as the upper is placed under local anesthesia. Additionally, you might experience some skin reaction as well as keep a small bulge in your upper arm where the implant has been pushed.

#5. Contraceptive Shots

The contraceptive shot is a step back from the implant, as it’s a progestogen injection that can last for up to 13 weeks. It is not only great if you tend to be forgetful, but it’s also proven to offer prevention against womb cancer. However, weight gain and irregular periods are among its less pleasant side effects.  

#6. Contraceptive Pill

The contraceptive pill has been a women’s favorite for decades. If you have already been prescribed the pill and wish to renew, you can have a look at ordering cerazette from a UK registered online pharmacy, for example. Pills are easy to use, but they do require daily intake during a period of 21 days to be effective. Forget your pill, and you might end up pregnant! While there are little complaints, some women find that they experience painful periods and weight gain.

#7. Intrauterine Device (IUD)

The IUD is a small plastic and copper device that is put into the uterus by a doctor. This offers birth control protection for up to 10 years and doesn’t affect your natural hormones. However, the risk of infection during the first weeks after insertion and the fact that some women feel it continuously can make it a difficult choice sometimes.

#8. Intrauterine System (IUS)

The IUS is also a small plastic device that is placed into the uterus, but this one releases hormones. It can protect you for up to 5 years but can be removed earlier if necessary. However, it is linked to heavy and irregular bleeding and the risk of infection in the first weeks following its insertion. Similarly to the IUD, some women have complained that the device could be felt all day long, which makes it difficult to sustain.

#9. Vaginal Ring

Finally, the vaginal ring is a small plastic ring that is inserted into the vagina. It releases hormones for three to four weeks, after which you will need to change it. This is a helpful method for women who don’t want to think about contraception every day. However, it can be difficult to insert and to remove, which makes it a difficult choice. Additionally, the contraceptive vagina ring has dramatic side effects as it can cause blood clots, and can increase the risks of breast and cervical cancer.

You will also find more extreme methods, such as surgical sterilization, but this can be a decision that is very hard to take. What matters is that you find a method that suits you and works for your lifestyle. Additionally, science is always working on new ways to improve contraception. There have been experiments to create a male pill that would make the sperm infertile for the duration of the treatment. So, don’t hesitate to discuss new methods with your doctor!

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