Ugly Christmas Sweater Review

We’re one of the largest retailers online of ugly holiday sweaters.   We have exclusive and officially-licensed sweaters and Christmas-themed costumes and our sweaters have been seen on such TV shows as Ellen, The Today Show,  Like with Kelly, The Wendy Williams Show, Rachel Ray Show, and Comedy Central’s At Midnight.
I received an Ugly Christmas Sweater at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I love all the funny and odd ball designs offered by Ugly Christmas Sweater. I am a huge, huge, fan of A Christmas Story. I watch the 24 hour marathon every year and I know this movie forwards and backwards. When I was offered a sweater, I knew just what design I would go for. Luckily they had the perfect one for me. The sweater I received is actually a sweatshirt. I ordered a larger size so I could wear it over even my long sleeved shirts. The sweatshirt is roomy and comfortable, and super soft. The design is bright and easy to see. There is no peeling or lifting of the design either. I love this sweatshirt. This can be machine washed and dried, and there has been no shrinkage or fading. I will be wearing this happily even when it’s not the holiday!

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