Spin’n Stor Reusable Salad Spinning and Storage Bags Review

Tired of clunky salad spinners? Want to keep produce fresher longer and take salads on the go? The Spin’n Stor is your answer.
These unique, reusable portable bags are space savers and quickly dry produce. No more washing containers or storing bulky spinners. Perfect for places with limited space such as RVs, boats, and campers.
I received 2 packages of the Spin’n Stor Reusable Salad Spinning and Storage Bags at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
We like to eat healthy when we can in our house, and that includes a lot of fruits, veggies and salads. We are pretty diligent about making sure we rinse our fresh items before cooking or eating. I have been using a colander most of the time to rinse and “shake” dry. I had a salad spinner at one time, but it broke. I was eager to try these salad spinner bags. These take up almost no room at all in the pantry. When I use them to store salad or fruits/veggies in the refrigerator they also take up less room than a big plastic container. The spin function of these is really easy and simple, and it really does work. I rinse my items, put them in the bag, and spin the bag. The water collects in the reservoir on the side, so you can visibly see that the water is being spun out and collected. The lettuce I used this with was not completely dry when done, but it was better than no rinsing or spinning. These are budget friendly and I would definitely recommend giving these a try to see how they work for you.

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