Snap Power Cover Plate Review

SnapPower is a consumer technology start-up, focused on creating simple and convenient solutions that solve some of the basic issues in today’s home.
I received the Guide Light cover plate at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review

My boys and husband, and sometimes myself, get up a couple times a night at least. We go get a drink, go to the bathroom, and my youngest sometimes sleepwalks. I love these SnapPower cover plates with the LED night lights. These install in 2 minutes, and the night lights go on at dusk and go off when it gets light in the house, so we are not wasting batteries or electricity unnecessarily. The night light function gets its power from the outlet you place it on. These outlet plates even allow us to restrict access to the plugs if we would like. The LED night light shines bright to help guide us without knocking things down or stubbing toes. This is an ingenious product, and I would love to replace the covers on all my outlets with these!

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