How to Incorporate Safety Into a Pre-Fabricated Environment
The disastrous housing bubble has created a steady increase of over 770,000 new property renters per year since 2004, according to the New York Times. Home and business building ownership is down from a strong 69% to a noticeably smaller 63%. This means that most safety features, if any, are already incorporated into the design of a structure. There is not much leverage given to a renter to make drastic changes, such as adding a fire escape device. This makes the need for an item that is both effective and mobile even greater.
Surviving Disaster in a Rental Apartment or Condominium
There is never a guarantee that you will be given a ground floor opportunity when renting an apartment or condominium. Being on an upper floor could make escaping a fire more difficult. Exit hallways and stairs can be blocked. Elevators normally shut down in an emergency. You might be forced to exit out of a window. Many modern structure designs do not include fire escape ladders. A portable fire escape ladder can be stowed away under a chair or in a small closet.
Increasing Chances of Survival in a High-Rise Office Building Fire
Being familiar with where fire exit doors and stairwells are located is good, but this will not always save you if a high-rise building catches on fire. If you are on the 5th or 6th floor and the smoke is too thick to make it to an exit what can you do? Breaking a window is not much help. It is too high to jump safely. An escape ladder that can easily attach to the windowsill and roll down, allowing you the ability to climb down is literally lifesaving.
Ultimate Protection in a Rental Home or Trailer House
Many trailer homes and houses are set up on taller foundations. It can be difficult to get out the windows in case of a fire. It is even more difficult for small children. A mobile escape ladder is easy to attach to the windowsill and use. They are weight rated for over 1,000 pounds. You will be able to guide each child down and out to safety in a timely manner. 
Protect Your Family By Providing Options to Escape
Bring added security to you and your family with the investment of a portable rescue ladder. You may never need to use it, but it is a lifeline you cannot afford to NOT have in case the worst were to happen. Keep every option to save lives available.
Contact a safety expert like and get your family the protection they deserve today!

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