Ora Round Paper Towel Review

Ora is the new, award-winning, all-round paper towel for every household wanting convenience and style. Easy one hand grab – no tearing, no unraveling, no wastage.
100% more sheets compared to the leading brand*.
*11” x 10.2” of 48 sheets
Clever, economical and too good-looking to hide under the sink.
We received a roll of Ora round paper towels at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I have used a lot of paper towels in my house. I have 2 little boys and a husband who likes to make messes when he cooks and eats. I have never seen a round paper towel, so I was intrigued when I got the chance to check out these round paper towels from Ora. The first thing I noticed was how compact these towels and the dispenser are. Ora paper towel stacks have 100 sheets, but take up less room than a roll of paper towels with less than half of that. These stack nicely on the base that comes with them, and the base is water resistant, so I don’t have to worry about where I set the stack.
These are easy to grab, there is no tearing, so no useless ripped pieces of paper towel. I can reach over without even looking and grab a paper towel off the stack. These are pretty large, and absorb a lot of mess. I use these to wipe my counters, as napkins for snacks, and to wipe smudged little faces. I have not found a mess yet that these awesome paper towels cannot handle.
I really like these large, absorbent paper towels. I would buy these over my old brand for sure!

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