Master Caster Products Review

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I received these Master Caster products at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
My Review
Swivel Wheels- I am a weakling, plain and simple. If I need anything even remotely heavy moved, my husband has to do it. I have a really nice little table that I use in front of my couch. It’s a very heavy little table, so I have a struggle moving it back and forth when I need to. These swivel wheels make this so much easier for me. These were very easy for my husband to attach onto the bottom on the legs of the table. These are peel and stick, so anyone can do it with no tools needed. These hold really strong when placed, and support a lot of weight. As I said this table is quite heavy, and these wheels have not broken or collapsed, and slide easily over the carpet so I can move the table when and where I need it, with no other assistance needed.

Smarter Gloves- I live in FL so I only get to have use for gloves for a very short time every month. These microfiber gloves will definitely stay at the top of my pile though. These gloves are super soft, comfortable, and I can still operate my smartphone with these on. Other winter gloves are great for keeping your hands warm, but you have to take them off to use a touch screen. These dual action microfiber gloves are awesome. They keep my hands warm, allow me to use my touchscreen phone with them on, and as I’m using them, they are cleaning my screen. These are static free and can be washed and dried with my other clothes. These gloves kind of make me wish we had a little more cold weather!

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