IMAD Necklace Review

People often turn a blind eye to animal injustice all over the world. It is the duty of humans to correct this wrong. IMAD uses fashion jewelry to reach a new audience to spread the word about vulnerable animals, whether wild or domestic. The IMAD pendant is a reminder of the difference the wearer made by representing a vulnerable animal. The IMAD pendant is made in the US* from recycled materials, each featuring either a different dog breed or a critically endangered animal.
I received  Leatherback Turtle pendant at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Everyone has their favorite animal that they love. Mine are sea creatures. I am very partial to turtles and dolphins. IMAD sent me this beautiful Leatherback Turtle pendant to review. I am very impressed with this pendant and chain. The turtle is raised against the bronze background, and the other side has the name of the animal, Leatherback Turtle, and a leaf, showing the pendant is made from recycled bronze. The pendant also says USA on the back, so you know the product was made here in the US. The bronze is shiny, and the turtle stands out against the shiny background nicely. This is an eye catching piece that I love to show off. I love that this company gives back to try to preserve these beautiful species of animals that make our world so amazing.

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