Eco Review: 5 Top Solutions To Help The Planet At Home

We need to consider the environment now more than ever. With large companies being taken to task on their packaging, wastage and energy consumption, maybe it’s time we looked a little closer to home to help make an impact too. So check out our quick Top 5 review of the best eco solutions
for your home.
No 1: Heating.
Seventy percent of the average energy household energy consumption is focussed around heating and twenty five percent of the average home heating is lost through your roof, a complete waste of precious energy. So ensure your house is properly insulated and consider an alternative source of energy supply. Find a good solar panel installation company and see if you can make use of the sun’s free rays to heat your home! 
No 2: Lighting
Keeping our homes lit up costs us a fortune and drains more of our energy resources. By including as much natural light in your home as possible you can leave those light switches alone during the day. A great solution for making sure you don’t leave any lights on during the day are mobile enabled lighting systems. Using a simply plug extension with wifi connectivity you can tap into your home via a mobile device and switch off any electricals you have left on. Great for the environment and great for your pocket!
No 3: The Garden
In urban areas adding a little extra greenery can be a fantastic eco boost. Look at including a Living Wall into your life. The benefit on the environment can be incredible, reducing pollutants, enhancing air quality. They even help slow down water drainage from heavy rain which can lead to flash floods. Plus they act as extra insulation to your property
No 4: Beauty and Home
Using products such as Emerald Tree who use completely biodegradable packaging will really improve the quality of our environment. There are so many options on the market when it comes to beauty that is kinder to your skin and to the planet. Look for 100 percent organic products who put as much care into their packaging as the product itself. When it comes to your home, think about creating your own cleaning products with vinegar and baking soda or lemon juices. And for those more romantic nights, you can make your own massage oil using olive oil and lavender picked from your garden. Take time to do your research and understand the ethics of the company you are buying from
No 5: Food!
It’s easy to lower the impact on the environment in your kitchen and improve your health at the same time. Eat local wherever possible. The less milage your food has to travel the less emissions are pumped into the air. Sourcing your meat from a local free range farm is better for the animal and better for the world! 
Have a think about other ways you can make your life a little more eco friendly then give yourself a star for making a difference to the planet! 

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