Rudolphs Pork Rinds Review

 Simply stated, our secret pork rind recipe makes for the best tasting pork rinds
around! It’s the flavor of bacon in a crunchy bite all with zero carbs
and more protein than boring peanuts. Try our pork rinds in recipes or
right out of the bag. Crunch on!
My husband and boys are snack food junkies. They really love crunchy
snacks, and pork rinds are high on their list of likes. We received
Southern Recipe Original and Bar B Que flavored pork rinds to try. These
pork rinds are really flavorful, and really crunchy. These pork rinds
are gluten free, zero calorie, and have 8g of protein. These did not
last long in our house, but these pork rinds are easy to get our hands
on, and my boys can’t wait to get more!

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