Mission Heating line of Accessories & Gear Review

MISSION, the sports performance leader in Thermoregulation technologies, announced today the launch of their new Heating line of Accessories & Gear powered by game-changing technologies to keep athletes super warm and dry in colder weather conditions.
The new Heating line includes a full range of Accessories & Gear, including High Performance Gloves, Scarves, Headbands, Beanies, Balaclavas, Neck Gaiters and Baselayer Tops and Bottoms. The ultra-lightweight and breathable Heating collection is entirely constructed to deliver superior warmth without the weight, while keeping athletes dry during training and competition. 
As the global leader in Thermoregulation, MISSION is once again setting a new standard for microclimate management and temperature control to enhance performance and comfort for athletes at all levels of play. From its new Performance Gloves that are carbon-infused and promote 20% greater heat retention than standard fleece, to its new Performance Baselayer Tops & Bottoms that are powered by 37.5® technology and keep you super warm and dry, MISSION’s latest product innovations, further reinforce the company’s focus on cutting edge technologies for enhancing performance through temperature control.
I received MISSION’s Heating line of Accessories & Gear products at no cost in exchange for an honest review

We live in Florida, and while we don’t get snow, we do get some low temps in the winter that actually require jackets, scarves, and gloves sometimes.

Gloves- These performance lightweight gloves are carbon infused fleece that retain heat, but wick moisture. These fit slim and snug, so they don’t impede anything I am doing, even using my cell phones touch screen. I have cold hands all the time, so these may even get used in the summer in my office. These help keep my hands warm whether I’m inside or outside. They are very comfortable to wear as the fabric is soft and strecthy. I’m pretty sure these are my favorite pair of gloves ever.

Scarf- I love scarfs, they were my favorite winter item when I lived up north. This scarf is very soft and comfortable to wear, and I love the loop pull through design so I can keep it snug, or loose, and it stays secure so it doesn’t fall off and I don’t lose it. This scarf retains heat to keep me warm, and evaporates moisture if i sweat so I stay comfortable all day indoors or outside. I love the bright Teal color as well.

Neck Gaiter- My husband like neck gaiters for when he is working outdoors, in hot or cool weather. the ones he has currently are meant to keep him cool, so he’s excited to try this one meant to keep him warm. The fabric is soft and comfortable, keeps his neck, chin and face area warm and wicks away sweat which keeps him not only warm, but dry and unchaffed. This can be worn a few different ways. It can be used as a neck gaiter, headband, or face mask.

Headband- I don’t do much running but I do like to keep my ears warm when I am outdoors in the cool weather. This headband is perfect for this. The fabric is soft, it fits nicely on my head, and keeps my ears nice and toasty as well as keeping my hair out of my eyes.

Beanie- I gave this beanie to my youngest. He likes to keep his hair pretty short, so I worry about his head getting cold and him getting sick. He loves the beanie. It fits nice and snug, it’s soft fabric doesn’t bug him, and he says it keeps his head from getting too cold on top. The fabric is a bit stretchy so he can wear it, and so can my 11 year old.

This is an awesome line of products to keep you feeling warm and toasty though any cool or cold season!

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