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Saturday, December 3, 2016

laMadeleine Country Fresh Cafe Gift Set Review

Genuine country French relaxed atmosphere, your home away from home or office. Enjoy our freshly prepared french-inspired entrées, sandwiches, soupes and salades, including our signature Tomato Basil Soupe and Chicken Caesar Salade.

I received 3 gift sets from laMadeleine at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My Review

I've never been to La Madeleine but I have heard many good things from friends that go when they visit Orlando. When I saw the opportunity to try La Madeleine's famous soup, I couldn't pass it up. Along with the soup I also received their French roast coffee. 

Let me tell you first, the presentation of the items were nice. With the soup I received a nice bowl. With the French roast coffee and the French roast k-cups I received a mug for each. They are beautiful designed with a country French style drawing and French words like Bon jour on the mugs. These packages we each in cellophane and nice little bow for each, perfectly ready for gift giving! 

Now on to taste testing. Tomato soup has always been my favorite and La Madeleine's tomato basil soup has made it to the top of my list of favorite brands. It is like bisque and is creamy and rich, but not too much so that it lays heavy in you stomach. 

Typically with coffee I go for a medium roasted bean but do on occasion get a French or dark roast coffee. La Madeleine French roast coffee beans I was delighted with the flavor. It is bold and not as acidic as some other coffees I've had. Plus with the French roast it has a slightly nutty sweet taste to it. I am now a converted fan to French roast coffee. 

La Madeleine restaurants are not always within reach for most people due to limited locations. We will definitely be visiting a restaurant in Orlando soon but until then I can enjoy my soup and coffee in the comfort of my home as often as I like.

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