Kylo Ren 3D Deco Light Review

Now available at Target and!
My boys are obsessed with everything Star Wars right now. I was super excited when I saw these lights were going to be available this holiday season!
3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights are the perfect gift this holiday season. They have a full range of comic book, super hero, Disney Princess, sports and car lights that look as though they are popping right out of the wall! I am getting my boys the Kylo Ren light!
They are battery operated and cool to the touch so you can place them any where in the room! Your kids will loves having these in their rooms and they’re also the perfect editions to a den, family room, man’s cave or office! 
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We received the Kylo Ren 3D Deco Light at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My boys are caught up in the Star Wars obsession craze right now. They have a lot of wall space in their room, and I love to get them stuff to put on their walls that they love. They have army men, astronauts and space ships, and now they have their very own 3D light up Kylo Ren. I cannot even describe the excitement when we surprised them with this the other day. The Kylo Ren Nightlight is sturdy plastic, but lightweight, so it’s easy to mount on the wall. The background cracked sticker makes it look even cooler. The eye area lights up bright red. This has a timer which is nice because items like this can sometimes eat batteries up pretty quick. The sticker was very easy to apply, and the Kylo Ren was also easy to mount. The boys love this so much! They have brought all their friends in to show them this night light, and all their little friends are amazed! This is a great item for the Star Wars fan in your house!

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