Holiday Decorating with Treetopia

Treetopia marches to the beat of a different drummer boy. Our chic and stylish artificial Christmas trees create a rockin’ holiday atmosphere.

We love to decorate for the holidays. We have almost always had fake trees. They are easier to take care of and last longer than real trees. Another cool benefit of fake is the selection of colors we can choose from!
My boys have a lot of fun decoration our tree, and our house and outdoors for the holidays. They insisted on a white tree this season so they could choose bright colored ornaments. Myself and my husband have April birthdays, and my oldest son has a May birthday. The white tree is a great homage to our diamond birthstones. The white is also an expression of our ordered, minimalist personalities. They decided on purple and blue. The contrast is beautiful. Besides the white tree, and the fun ornaments, they also used cute window clings, and we even hung up a Merry Christmas flag outside. We always have a blast decorating for the holidays, and our new white tree allows us to change up our color schemes every year. Treetopia offers a wide variety of colored trees to fit any birthstone and personality!

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