Green Goo by Sierra Sage Review

Safe, Natural, & Effective
Green Goo First Aid and Skin Care products are all-purpose and all-natural alternatives to mass-produced, petroleum based and single-purpose first aid and skin care products
Southern Butter products provide a natural and chemical free alternative to over the counter intimate products
All of our products are produced with organic, naturally sustainable ingredients
We are leaders in the commercialization of no-compromises natural body care products.Our mission to provide safe, natural and effective products extends into our philanthropy, as we continue to donate products to military, maternity and child care, and animal care organizations both here and around the world.
I received the Green Goo Deodorant Travel Stick Lavender and Thyme and the Southern Butter kiss-on Sensual Lip Balm at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

 My Review

I have used a lot of different deodorants over the years. Some work great, and other not so much. I have to be careful about ingredients and fragrances because I have pretty sensitive skin. I have not tried many natural deodorants. I got this Lavender and Thyme all natural deodorant from Green Goo, and could not wait to try it. This travel stick is convenient and compact. It is easy to use. Just like other deodorants, you twist the bottom to raise the deodorant and apply to underarms. I was surprised how well this worked for me. I wasn’t sure this could hold up as well as my other deodorants. I am pretty busy and active, and I walk most of my work shift, and things can get pretty stressful. This deodorant kept me dry and got me through the day without having to reapply, or feeling like I was sweating too much. I love the scent of this as well. I would definitely switch over to this deodorant!
This lip balm is smooth, has a nice scent, and helps my dry, cracked lips feel better. As an added bonus this lip balm contains a kiss on aphrodidiac essence. The scent enhances your mood and your lips feel great, ready for the perfect make out session.

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