Fixate Silicone Ring Review

Problem Solved! Show your commitment 24/7 and never be without your wedding ring again. Unique designs for men & women!
I received 2 men’s rings and 2 women’s rings at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My husband and I have been married 15 years. He has gone through a couple wedding bands in that time. He works on vehicles, and is always doing something outside. He has accidentally lost one in a car engine because it was loose, and has had another one break in half when he worked on a trucking dock. I was very interested when I discovered they made silicone rings in different designs and colors. I was offered the chance to review, and so I got my husband a Camo designed ring.
I was impressed that the sizing was true. Of course because it is Silicone, it will stretch a little bit also. The camouflage design is nice and dark, and goes around the whole ring. The camouflage has a real look to it with dark greens and blacks. The ring sits snug in my husband’s finger and does not slip off easily when he is working on the yard or vehicles. The ring can easily be removed to clean it, or if he’s working with something sharp. I also received 2 of the smaller women’s rings in the package, and I love them. The pink and turquoise are bright, and they fit snug. I am very impressed with all 4 rings we received!

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