Creative Origami And Beyond/The Art of Paper Flowers Review

Creative Origami And Beyond- Creative Origami & Beyond takes traditional origami to new levels, with inspiring tips, techniques, exercises, and step-by-step projects for transforming paper into folded works of art.
The Art of Paper Flowers- The Art of Paper Flowers teaches readers how to make thirty-five realistic-looking flowers out of paper. Step-by-step instructions and photos for reference are included.
I received a copy of both books in exchange for honest reviews.

My Reviews
Creative Origami And Beyond- My little sister loves to do origami and has been making paper cranes and such for years. When I saw this book “Art of Paper Flowers” I knew that it would be a great gift for her. Her face lit up.

At first I was worried that it may be too advance for her but when I opened the book and examined myself it looks very easy to do. The book gives step by step instructions and have a lot of great ideas. I know she plans to make a bouquet of flowers as gifts.

I would recommend this book for those that are interested in creating beautiful paper flower bouquets.

The Art of Paper Flowers- My younger sister recently learned how to make boxes and cranes in her class. The entire house has a box or a crane! I knew it was time to bring her something new that she can learn to fold paper. This box “Creative Origami and Beyond” is the perfect tool for her.

The directions in the book are easy to follow and she understood them right away. She has already made a flower and a dog/fox as well!

This book is perfect for anyone looking to learn the art of paper folding. I will be going into her class and using this box to teach the 5th graders a few new tricks!

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