Sally Loves Book Series Review

Sally has been described as charming, active, enthusiastic, and having a certain willingness to try new, sometimes unconventional, activities. She may not have been the fastest, or the even the most competitive, but she certainly was going to give it her all and enjoy herself along the way. Sally stands out, not because of the sports or the activities she does, but because her determination is inspiring to all of us. When she nervously tells her best friend, “I think I have butterflies in my stomach,” and then she wishes her “Good Luck!” and starts the race anyway, young girls everywhere can identify with Sally and imagine themselves trying new activities.
No doubt about it. Sally is a special little girl, and that’s what makes her such a uniquely wonderful role model. When kids these days are glued to the TV or iPad, she gives young girls the inspiration to get up, start moving and seek out sports or activities that they love and enjoy. Sally empowers girls to make their own dreams come true and to develop an appetite for lifelong activity.
We received 2 of the Sally Loves books at no cost in exchange for an honest review:

(Review by Jenni & Alexandria)
I have been lucky enough to pass on my love of books to my 5 year old daughter. Since she was a toddler we’ve cuddled together reading books that have taken us near and far with our imaginations and even taught a lesson or two. The “Sally Loves…” Series by Jody Mackey does not disappoint. With the Sally character, Mackey’s books each teach a lesson that we can apply to our lives and help my daughter grow to be confident and strong.
My daughter and I both enjoyed two of Mackey’s books in the series, “Sally Loves Horses” and “Sally Loves to Dance.” Both books are illustrated beautifully and my daughter loves to point all the small details throughout the story.
“Sally Loves Horses” is about Sally learning to horseback ride. The story submerges you into the world of horseback riding and Sally following her dream of being in the rodeo. The story teaches the reader to follow your dreams and get back in the saddle even when you’ve fallen.
“Sally Loves to Dance” captures Sally’s love of dance. Sally loves all dance styles but loves the hula the most. This book helps teach the reader to try new things and keep practicing. This was my daughter’s favorite. 
We both enjoyed these books and look forward to reading more of the “Sally Loves…” series.

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