Playability Toys Review

We are a specialized company designing and manufacturing products for clinical and home use. Our products range from unique toys created to meet the needs of children with special needs to our new Nurture Smart line designed to enrich the lives of children while they are in the hospital. Our award winning products have been bringing joy and the gift of play to thousands of children for over 15 years!
We received 2 items from Playability Toys at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We received a Rib It Ball and The Whole Picture Matching Game.
Rib It Ball- I have an 11 year old son who is on the autism spectrum. He has some sensory issues that he deals with as well as motor delays. When he’s not plugged into his phone or tablet I try to encourage physical activity, but he has some trouble with some toys that his brother and friends play with all the time. One of the things he likes to do is throw and catch, but struggles with smooth or plain balls sometimes. I had a feeling this Rib It Ball would be a great match for him, and I was right. The ball is big enough that it will not slip easily through his hands, the “ribs” make it very easy for him to hold, and grab at to catch when we toss it to him. When he catches it he gets the crinkle noise as feedback as well. The bright colors keep his attention focused as well. My son is very smart, and I know it may seem weird using such a simple item, but this has helped him and made him happy, and able to play with his brother and friends easier. This Rib It Ball is A1 with him!
Matching game- Both of my sons have some motor and cognitive delays, so games like this that let them have fun, and really use their problem solving skills are great for them. The game is easy to play, the colors and pictures are bright, bold and easy to identify for them. They get quite competitive to make the matches, and sometimes they even decide to work together. This cam be very simple, or can be used as a slightly more difficult game or puzzle to really get them thinking and get their brains working. The pieces are durable and hold up well the lots of play.

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