OgoSport Super Fort Pod Set Review

From award-winning classics like the Super SportsDisk to newer creations like OGOBILD, we don’t just design toys or sporting goods – we design something more…We design active play for all ages. We design endless hours of fun for your children. And hours of fun with your children.
Encourage active play and exercise
Age ranges span from young children to grandparents
Encourage play between all age combinations in-between
Allow for open-ended exploration and experimentation
Opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play
Benefits for therapy and children with special needs
Safety, quality, and integrity
Batteries not required
We received an OgoSport Super Fort Pod Set at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

We have some tempermental weather down here in FL, so sometimes my boys aren’t able to play outside as much as they would like. I want them to use their imaginations and have fun, without destroying my house. Thise OgoSport Super Fort Pod Set is the perfect way to keep them happy, let them use their imaginations, and keep my house intact for the most part. They do need daddy’s assitance to put these together, but it’s also easy enough to put together and take apart that I can help them when daddy is not here. This pieces in this pod set are very sturdy, which is great because my boys can be pretty rough on stuff. This set can be used to make so many different types of forts, there is no limit to what they can create. This pod set can be played with indoors or outdoors, and hold up to the heat and even the rain with no problem. All it takes to make your kids perfect fort is this kit and a spare blanket or sheet! 

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