Nadkins Review

Founded in 2015 by Joe Caccamo, Nadkins are the original male jewels refresher towelettes. Nadkins are 100% natural, toxic free and scientifically formulated to help men feel fresh, clean, confident and happy.
I received a couple of these Nadkins Male Jewels Refresher Towelettes at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Behold gentleman, your hygiene prayers have been answered. Gone are the days where your freshness is questionable… leaving you to do the scratch and sniff test. Say goodbye to sneaking your wife’s feminine wipes and smelling like fresh spring flowers. Now walks in Nadkins… a game charger for men on the go.
These Nadkins are specially designed for men in mind. They are 100% Natural and 100% Non-Toxic, only the best for the precious family jewels. Each towelette is individually wrapped so they are easy to toss into your gym bag, bike pouch, camping/hiking gear, and even stash a single in your wallet. The wipes have a gentle scent of citrus and a hint of mint. My husband says they leave a refreshing tingle and gives these a thumbs up!
So guys… you don’t need to smell like balls anymore. Freshness is at your fingertips.

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