Magic Candy Factory Review

Magic Candy Factory lets you create your own customised candy! You can choose from 100’s of shapes and layouts, write your own custom messages or even turn your photos into candy! Try the demo or select a region to make your magic candy!
We received a sample 3D candy at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
We love different kinds of candy in our house. There are so many different kinds of candy for every occasion available, but sometimes you want something a little more unique or personal, and that can be very hard to find, and can be expensive. With Magic Candy Factory there’s an easy solution to finding the perfect candy for any person and any occasion. With Magic Candy Factory you can create your own candy design, shapes, colors, words, even photos. you can also select the flavor you want. The process is very easy. The candy is shipped securely so there are no oopsies in transit. Magic Candy makes a sweet, unique gift for everyone, for any occasion.

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