Lugz Women’s Boots Review & Giveaway

Lugz product is aggressively styled using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and superior comfort. Our footwear features premium leathers and durable construction. Everything is designed with the fashion forward customer in mind.
Today Lugz has expanded beyond boots and has added casual shoes, sandals and athletics to the mix, and the brand can be found at major retailers across the country.
I received a pair of Women’s Flirt Hi Zip in Black at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first pair of Lugz I have owned. I have a bit of an issue with shoes fitting and being comfortable. I couldn’t wait to get these and see if I would love them. Color me impressed! These boots not only look great, but fit true to size, and do not hurt my feet at all.

These boots are slim, so they don’t feel heavy or clunky on my feet. I can walk comfortably without my feet feeling like they are being weighed down. My favorite part of these boots is the memory foam insole. I can walk in these all day and my feet do not hurt or get sore. These work with thin or thicker socks. The side zipper makes it easy and comfortable to put them on and take them off without struggling. The speed hooks help to make sure these are laced comfortably, but tightly so they don’t loosen up and let my feet slide around.

I chose the Black color because it goes with everything. I can wear these with jeans and t-shirts, or black slacks and a nice shirt. These are very versatile. I am officially a Lugs fan now and I can’t wait to buy more pairs!

Enter to win a pair of the Womens Flirt Hi Zip for yourself!

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