Luca + Danni Bangle Review

Luca + Danni creates handcrafted beautiful jewelry – from bangles to pearls to antique glass – and they have a sweet story. After losing his brother to leukemia in 2013, Fred Magnanimi carried on his brother’s dream of creating a unique, American made line of inspirational jewelry that tell a story. The fashionista in your life will be thrilled to find one of these in her stocking! Plus – they sell for $32 or less!
I received a bangle from the Druzy Collection at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I have another Luca&Dani bangle that I love, so I could not wait to get this new bangle from them. The bangle is a very pretty gold with black stone design that goes with everything. The bracelet is sized to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. This is comfortable to wear for long periods, and does not get in the way when I am working, or playing with my boys. This bangle is perfect for a fancy date night, but looks great with jeans and a t shirt as well. The stones shimmer when in light, and the design is unique. I have not owned a bracelet like this before, and I love getting compliments on this piece. Luca&Dani has a wide selection of pieces that will work with any style and I would definitely buy from them for myself and for gifts!

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