Lola the Therapy Dog Books Review

Meet Lola the Therapy Dog and her owner, Marcia Goldman. Lola has her own book series– a series that ​helps kids combat major stresses​/fears​ ​they​ face and teaches them how to overcome them. Things like visiting the doctor, being a tattletale, first day of school, etc…The latest book, Lola Goes to School just came out.
What is special about Lola?
Lola is a 5 pound Yorkie– very RARE for therapy dogs. They told her she wouldn’t make it- she’s too small. But in true Lola fashion- she beat the odds! GREAT lesson for kids!
Lola books are unique in that they incorporate REAL pictures of Lola, NOT illustrations. VERY rare in children’s books. Marcia drew from her experience because studies show kids respond to real pictures more
We received all 4 Lola books and a Lola plush at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My sons loved these books. The story of cute little Lola being brave, and learning lessons are fun to read. My older son is Autistic. He loves to read the Lola Goes to School story because he has some difficulty with school. The boys love that the pictures of Lola are of a real dog, and not colorings or drawings. The stories are short, sweet and easy to understand. We read these over and over again.
The Lola plush was also a big hit. Both of my boys still love their stuffed animals, and they are just tickled that they have their very own Lola. This is a great series for kids of any age who are struggling a little bit, or just need an extra little boost of confidence for situations in their life.

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