Keep Your Fingers Out of Harm’s Way

Keep Your Fingers Out of Harm’s Way
Most nicks and cuts happen to the fingers and hands. Think for a moment about how many bandages you have used for small cuts over the course of your life. It is highly likely that most of them went on the hands or fingers. The reason for that is simple. The hands are what we use to do work and to play. For that reason, it stands to reason that they are what ends up in harm’s way most often. With as many opportunities as there are to get them hurt, it is a good idea to install physical guards or other barriers around things that could pinch, crush or cut them. Whether you are attempting to safeguard things around the house or in the work place, companies like Fingerguard USA can provide you with devices for many different applications to keep your fingers safe. While it might seem like a simple thing to avoid putting your fingers where they don’t belong, there are many reasons they end up there.
Young children are especially curious and will stick their fingers anywhere there is a place to put them. Furthermore, since their fingers are so small, it doesn’t take a very large opening to create a hazard for them. 
Children are not the only ones who can succumb to curiosity. Adults are often just as likely to put their fingers into places where they will end up hurt. This is especially true when they are trying to figure out what may be wrong with something that is not working right. Installing a finger pinch guard over each opening can prevent pain and suffering. 
It is very easy to get distracted and not pay attention to where your hands are placed. When you are around a piece of equipment every day, there are countless opportunities to place the fingers in the wrong places. With guards, the hands will be protected even during those moments that involve a lapse of judgement. 
Accidental Contact
It is too easy to bump into something as you walk by or reach out and grab the wrong things when you stumble. It is just as easy to reach into a dangerous place simply because you were not aware of a hazard. Guards can prevent this kind of contact.
There are many things we all encounter on a day to day basis that could lead to an injury. As a result, most people can use all the help they can get when it comes to finger guards being installed to avoid injuries.

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