Dream Frenz Review

With an over sized, soft head and a tiny body that tucks inside, Dream Frenz is a cuddly plush pillow, toy and companion. Dream Frenz are low tech by design. In a world where children are wired by toddler age, this plush intentionally goes the opposite direction – there are no batteries, sounds, or lights.  Dream Frenz come alive through the power of a child’s imagination. The company was founded by Florida-based mom-entrepreneur Halie Fulton, who was inspired by the ‘tadpole drawings’ of her oldest daughter. Now, Halie’s three daughters are ‘partners’ in Dream Frenz. These are for children 3 and up. The characters are multi-cultural and designed to appeal to both boys and girls.
We received Dream Frenz PJ at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My 9 year is old is still quite attached to having stuffed animals on his bed when he sleeps. I knew he would fall in love with PJ the Pirate as soon as he saw him. This Dream Frenz is not only a cute character pillow, but PJ has a body that hides inside that my Bug can pull out and play with during the day. PJ goes from play time friend to sleepy time comfort in seconds. PJ is colorful, soft, and sized just right for the smallest to biggest kid. There are a lot of different Drem Frenz characters to match up with any kids personality. Dream Frenz are awesome!

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