Coupons for Good: 4 Reasons to Use Coupons for Charity

Many people think of coupons as a nice way to save money on purchases they make for themselves, yet they overlook the greater good that they can do using similar strategies. If coupons make it more affordable for you to stock your own pantry, why not use them to stock your church pantry as well? There are countless ways that using coupons can become a charitable act when you shop smart.

Coupons Give You Free Items to Donate

Image via Flickr by Waldo Jaquith Many extreme couponers have perfected the art of using coupons to get items for free. By stacking sales with coupons, or by using multiple coupons on top of one another, they’re able to take home bags full of goods for little to no monetary investment. The most dedicated couponers even know how to get money back from these purchases so that their charitable efforts can go that much farther.

One of the arguments against investing time in extreme coupon use is that you may end up filling your pantry with items you wouldn’t otherwise buy and might not use. When your goods go to a charity, however, finding your food brands of choice is less important than getting as many items as you can for the cause.

You Can Help Others With Coupons Themselves

Many organizations accept coupons themselves, so you don’t have to worry about seeking out sales and stacking them up. The most you need to do is purchase a local paper and take out the coupon section. Some organizations may ask you to clip the coupons and organize them into groups. You may want to donate food coupons to a homeless shelter and those for baby items to a charity that helps battered women. Coupons for pet products are welcomed by many animal shelters. With very little time and effort, your coupons can make a difference to the right charities.

Smart Coupon Use Gives Back to Charities

Though you may not realize it, there are several coupon and deal-seeking sites that give a portion of your discounted purchase to charity. Coupons for Good has resources to help you save on everything from clothing to travel. You can book a discounted flight with jetBlue or save at the airport with PARK ‘N Fly deals — all while giving a portion of your proceeds to your favorite cause.

You Can Do More for Others With Affordable Deals

Using coupons to score a cheap deal can give you access to affordable perks you can pass on to others. Perhaps you want to help a displaced family get across the country to their relatives. Though airline tickets would normally be out of your price range, purchasing the flight with an online deal could make the effort more achievable. Think outside the box when you’re considering ways to cash in on coupon savings. You can pool your funds with others, then make your dollars stretch as far as possible by shopping smart when you make the final purchase.

Crafty coupon use is a great way to stretch your resources and do more for others. With the right purchases and a small investment, you can do a world of good.

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