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Friday, November 4, 2016

Choosing The Right Stool

Choosing The Right Stool

Whether you're looking for furniture for your home or a business, you can't go wrong with bar stools London Ontario furniture companies offer. There are numerous designs to choose from for the kitchen, a cafeteria or a restaurant that will give family, friends and customers a way to enjoy a meal or a drink without sitting at a large table. Bar stools are easier to move than chairs as they are often lighter in weight, and you can usually get more stools in one area because of the slender design. 

One of the things that you want to keep in mind when buying bar stools is that you want to get the right height for the bar or table. Think about how the person will rest the arms on the counter. If the stool is too short, then it can be difficult to comfortably sit while eating or drinking, but if the stool is too tall, then it can also be difficult to enjoy sitting on the stool because the person can feel too far away from the surface. An ideal height is about 10 to 12 inches shorter than the surface. 

Most bar stools are made of wood and have a leather cushion. There are some that have arms on them, making them comfortable for restaurants so that customers have a place to relax their arms when they aren't eating. Many stools are only made of the base and a seat with no back or armrests. This design is ideal for homes and for those who are younger as they usually don't need as much support for the back as someone who is older. This kind of design is also easier to move around since there isn't as much to the stool as other types that are available. Leather seats are easiest to clean, but they can tear easier than cloth. If you choose a cloth seat, you can usually find covers so that you can change the color or design if you plan on changing the look of the home or the business. A softer material is usually less durable than harder materials when it comes to the cushions.

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