Best Day Ever Bundle Review & Giveaway

Best Day Ever is an all-inclusive lifestyle brand with one unifying message: happiness is a choice, and it starts with making every day your best day ever. 
As a wife and mother launching and running multiple business ventures for more than 20 years, Anne-Marie has been in the trenches of modern womanhood and worn all the hats that come with it. She created Best Day Ever to help empower women to shape the life they truly want to live through daily inspiration, educational resources and merchandise. 
I received 3 items from Best Day Ever at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I love notepads and notebooks. In and technological based world, I am still very much about writing out my numerous lists and to do’s. I love paper, and I love pens. This 2 column divided to do list is perfect for my needs. I use this to make our shopping lists, budget plans, honey do lists and to do lists for the week. The paper is nice and thick, and my pens write easily on this paper with no rips or tears. The blue color draws the eye, so my husband notices it when I leave honey do’s for him. The little boxes on the list make it easy to check things off as we do them and keep track of what still needs to be done. I love the best Day Ever theme on all these products. It’s a little reminder to stop and breathe even when things may be very stressful.
The notebook is perfectly sized for my work bag. I use this to make notes when I take my boys to doctor appointments, and at work when I need to keep track of meetings for the week, and for tracking any changes in my schedule. The paper in this notebook is also a nice thick quality that is easy to write on. The design on the cover is elegant and chic looking.
I am a coffee addict, and I love getting new coffee mugs. This mug has the Best Day Ever writing on it in eye catching gold. The mug itself is a nice, heavy ceramic mug. The handle is thick and easy to hold onto. This mug is a little bigger than my other mugs so I can make a bigger cup of coffee, which is a very good thing!
These products are all very high quality, and I love the design and the Best day Ever message!

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