AMI Clubwear Clothing Review is an incorporated women’s clothing shop based out of one of the nation’s hottest fashion capitals in Southern California. Our purchasers keep their fingers on the fashion pulse, the result is that they know what is hot, what is not and we bring it online to you. The hard part is done for you and all that is left for you to do is visit our uniquely designed women clothing shop and shop until you drop.

I received several products from AMI Clubwear at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


Black and Pink Dope Beanie Cap
Palazzo Pants: I love comfortable and fashionable clothing. Why wear plain colors when I can wear unique and bright designs with a flair. The blue and green in these panst go with several different color shirts, so I can wear these for all different occasions. The fabric is very soft and comfortable, these fit true to size, and did not shrink in the wash at all.
Bucket Purse: I love my purses, I am actually a bit obsessed with purses. I like to have different colors, sizes and designs to meet whatever my mood may be on any given day. This brown bucket purse is the perfect medium carry all bag for me. This bag is a good size for my daily necessities like my wallet, cosmetic bag, phone, keys and other small odds and ends. The handle is comfortable on my shoulder, so I can carry this all day with no complaints. I love the uniqueness of the fringe and the wood adornment on the outside as well. This a unique looking bag that gets a lot of comments and compliments.
Dope Hat: We are finally starting to get some of the cooler weather here in the sunshine state, so beanies will soon be a neccessary fashion accessory. This beanie is comfortable and nicely sized to fit my head and cover my ears to protect from cold and wind. The knit is very soft so I can wear it outside in comfort, without feeling constricted or having an itchy head. The purple wording against the black knit is cute and eye catching as well. This is a nice item!

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