Tucson Tamale Review

Over 30 different kinds of incredible tamales. Mild to spicy, meaty to vegan to dessert, we have just about any kind of tamale you can think of… and then some!
We received an assortment of Tucson Tamales at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We love to try new foods, and these tamales are delicious. The masa in the tamales is organic and non-gmo, so these are healthy at the same time as being really yummy. The variety of flavors means there’s something we all want to try, and we all like at least a few of the flavors. These are easily heated up in the tamale warmer I received. These can be heated in the microwave for a quick snack, but they are hearty enough to be the main course for a meal as well.
Use code jenn15 at checkout for 15% until November 2nd!

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