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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kookabuk Shares His Shovel Review

Welcome to The Kooky Adventures of My Friend Kookabuk, a wonderful collection of social stories created as a guide to help you and your special child approach new experiences and challenges in a positive and enriching way.

In this story, Emily helps Kookabuk learn how to share one of his most prized possessions. Most children are inherently very protective of their toys. While Kookabuk’s reluctance to share his green shovel is very typical, his reaction is elevated and prolonged. Fearful that Emily is confused and afraid to play with her son, Kookabuk’s mom steps in to guide their social interaction.


My 11 year old son is ASD and started middle school this year. He has been facing some struggles with interacting with other kids in a new and bigger environment. This book is a great short picture story to use with him. The pictures are bright and colorful, and the story is very easy to read and understand for him. The story about sharing is a great starting point for us with him when it comes to being nice and sharing. This is great not only for school but for here at home with his brother, and his friends in the neighborhood. I like the recap and the Best of Help Tips at the end also. Both of my young boys like this book!

Continue to follow the Kookabuk Shares His Shovel blog tour tomorrow at Jason C. Stanley!

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