Enchantails Books Review

Enchantails celebrates the love of Mermaids and all things under the sea! When you slip into an EXCLUSIVE ENCHANTAILS SLUMBER BAG, playtime and sleepovers become a magical realm where destiny awaits! 
Designed to ignite imagination, our slumber bags create hours of fun, role play, and sweet dreams, making you feel like a Royal Mermaid of Oceana. Each bag features a unique tail with rich colors, lush fabrics and glow-in-the-dark thread specific to its Royal Mermaid and realm. 
All slumber bags come with a coordinating Easy Carry Tote, beautiful Decorator Pillow, Bonus Storybook, and Wall Decals that feature the matching Royal Mermaid and her Sea Buddy.
We received the three Enchantails books. posters and stickers at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

*Reviewed by co-blogger Jenni and her daughter Alexandria*
The love of mermaids cannot be denied in my home. My 5 year old will spend hours in the bathtub with her mermaids, Dolphins, and whales. Now with the Enchantails books we can submerse ourselves even more into the magical world of mermaids. The series has posters and stickers that came with our order and you can even purchase their beautiful mermaid tail blankets for your little girl to be a mermaid during cuddle time. 
Every night during bed time we read out of the Enchantails series. My daughter and I are entranced by the series that we have to force ourselves to wait for the next chapter. It creates a wonderful bonding experience for us to cuddle in bed together with a nice book. Since my daughter is learning to read we also use this opportunity to point out sight words. I feel it will be several years before my daughter will be comfortable reading this on her own but we will save it for her so that she may enjoy it for solo reading time when she is older. 
Currently, in the Enchantails series we are reading the book about Kelani’s Secret Island. Kelani is faced with humans or air breathers as she calls them discovering her secret island and lagoon. She is brave and a great role model for any young girl.
We can’t wait to dive right into the other 2 books we have.

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