Christmas Laser Lights Review

Good spread and star show effect: It is amazing light show of 1000+ blinking or solid points of red & blue lights filling the surface of trees, shrubbery, water surface, villa, ranch for Halloween, Christmas, parties and other events, and the lights is a thick blanket of light spots. 
The Christmas light projector can cover up to 1521 (39*39) square foot from a distance of 28 feet.
 Pattern cycles spontaneously
Safe: No more falling off a ladder. You don’t have to pull out all those traditional holiday lights to decorate your yard with the hassle of string lights that randomly burn out, be tangling and take hours to set up and take down
Timesaver: Just plug in, turn on and aim at your house. The easiest Christmas lights you have ever arranged. This laser light projector made your holiday decorating this year far less stressful
Outdoor: Rated IP65 light casing is with an IP44 power adapter. Hide this projection Christmas light amongst your lawn without worrying about snow, rain, dust, and intense sunlight
Fine design and structure is prepared, neighbors will be in awe of your decorations! The effect, in a word, Stunning! Features: 8,000 hours life span, FDA approved and 5 watt@65 ℉ to 90 ℉ low power consumption
We received these Christmas Laser Lights at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My husband loves to put up lights at the holidays. He is a little obsessed. The end result is always nice, but the road to get the lights up can be a bit frustrating at times. The bulbs blow, the cords get tangled, we need to buy extra extension cords and on and on. These laser lights are a great way to light up your outside or inside with out the long cords and blown bulbs. These are very easy to set up, and change color on their own. These are good for the upcoming holidays, but can also be used for almost any other occasion, from birthdays to weddings to just showing off for a barbecue. These are very high quality and we would definitely buy more!

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