Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoon by California Caviar Company Review

California Caviar Company’s origins lie in a distinct love for the arts and caviar. Caviar, the ultimate delicacy, had no equal in the world of spoons. Caviar Spoons across the market were cheaply built and lacked an attention to detail. Et Voila! The California Caviar Company Buffalo Horn Caviar Spoon was designed, in part, to fill that void. To avoid imparting an unsavory metallic taste, use this natural buffalo-horn spoon when scooping out small portions of caviar. A delightful gift or a special treat for your own use, the Non-reactive buffalo horn materials won’t mar the flavor of caviar.
This spoon is handcrafted, and every one created is different and unique. This is not a mass produced item. The gift box the spoon comes in is beautiful, and the spoon itself is also pretty to look at. The handle has a nice sterling silver inlay. I’m honestly not sure I will use this spoon, I may just display it. If I do decide to use it, there are a lot of different ways I can do that. I do not eat caviar though. I could see myself using this for my nice loose leaf teas, sugar, and maybe even desserts or soups.
*I received this spoon at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion*

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