Bamboo Hamper Review

The Songmics Bamboo Laundry Hamper is a great method for organizing laundry mess and other trivial stuffs. It simplifies your house working and keeps your home environment clean and tidy. Crafted from Natural Bamboo and colored by classic Dark Brown, it impressively enhances the stylish feeling of your home décor. The thickened lid and strengthened bottom makes the whole constructure sturdier and more stable. Also the simple design makes it easy to be assembled and space-saving when folded flat.
I received this Songmics Bamboo Laundry Hamper at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
My family of four creates a lot of laundry. I have several of the plastic laundry baskets, but they tend to break after a while. I have been looking for a really nice, sturdy and decorative hamper that would look good sitting in my hallway between the bedrooms and the bathroom. This hamper is really nice to look at, and is quite sturdy. It has a flip up lid and an inner bag. This is *** material, so it is sturdy and stands up to my boys opening and closing the lid to put their laundry in it. This hamper is tall enough to hold a good bit of laundry, but short enough that my boys can get the clothes out to help with laundry chores. I really like this hamper!

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