Paper Trax Toys Review

Paper Trax is a completely recyclable, all paper based race track created to race cars on Trax attached to your wall.

We received a Paper Trax at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
My boys love hot wheels cars and play with them all the time. They run them everywhere, all over my furniture, floors, cabinets and each other. I was excited to get the Paper Trax for them. These are paper tracks that you mount to your walls with the included 3M Command Strips. These are very easy to set up, and stick to the walls strongly, and don’t really budge. These are not in the way when they are on the walls, so we can leave them, and the boys have access to them whenever they want.
We tested the command strips on our walls and the adhesive did not damage the walls or pain at all.
These are so fun for them, all their cars work with these tracks, and it gets them away from the computer, phone and TV for a while. Aside from cars, my 8 year old also like to play with these with his small bouncy balls, army men and other small items he comes across. My boys have a lot of fun with these, and I would definitely buy them more sets to add to this one!

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