Duct Tape Bags Review

Now it is with this easy-to-follow guide to making 40 handbags so fashionable, you won’t actually believe they’re made of duct-tape. Part art-piece, part usable accessory, Richela Fabian Morgan shows how each of these gorgeous handbags can be recreated one manageable section at a time. 
Designs include:
· Clutches and wristlets 
· Hobo and Shoulder Bags
· Satchels
· Messenger and Flap Bags
· Tote Bags
With detailed step-by-step instructions and primers on duct tape “fabric,” different types of closures from magnet snaps to jeans buttons, and bag accessories like bows and luggage tags, Morgan catapults this trend from the streets into the stratosphere. A mix of pop art and urban style photos of each project and a cool vibe throughout will make you want to immediately roll up your sleeves and begin making duct tape bags.
I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I am obsessed with bags. Purses, tote bags, back packs, beach bags and more. I love to find new materials, colors, designs and shapes. This Duct Tape Bags book has over 40 different bag designs that can be made from duct tape. The instructions are well laid out and very easy to follow. I can switch out different colors and designs to my heart’s content to make any of the bags a little different. I’m not so crafty, but my husband is actually pretty good with projects like this. He has made himself and the boys duct tape wallets before, so these projects are just a bit of a bigger challenge for him. i also have a few friends who are much craftier than me, so I’m thinking of having a duct tape bag making party. I am quite impressed with the range of designs that this book offers.
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