BioKap Nutricolor Review

BioKap is a hair dye brand from Italy. Now available in the US, BioKap Nutricolor Delicato hair colors offer permanent coverage without the use of PPD, ammonia, paraben or resorcin. Organic argan oil cares deeply for your hair and leaves it beautiful and shiny. BioKap Natural cosmetics made in Italy.
I received the Titian Red color at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Before & After
My Review
My hair is very long and thick. I have always dyed my hair, and for the most part I’ve stuck with red colors. I like to dye my hair, but I don’t always like the after effects of the dye on my hair. My hair winds up feeling dry and brittle a lot of the times. I was pretty excited to try this new, more natural hair dye from BioKap. I picked the Titian Red color.
The instructions are very easy to follow. The dye mixed well and was pretty easy to apply. It did feel a little different from my regular hair dye I usually use, but I did get it applied through all of my hair. My hair soaks up and holds dye like crazy. It usually takes quite a while to get the dye rinsed to the point that it finally runs clear. I was pretty happy when this dye rinsed out a little quicker than the other dye I use.
I was very happy with the color results as well. The color is bright and vibrant, and you can definitely tell I dyed my hair. After I rinsed and dried my hair I was very pleased with how my hair felt as well. My hair was really soft, and I didn’t have very many tangles, which is almost always an issue with my hair. The only drawback I have found in this entire experience was that this hair dye had a bit of a stronger smell than other hair dyes I have used. I am a bit sensitive to smells, so this may be more of a personal issue than a product issue. The smell dissipated after another wash though, so this would not deflect from me being able to use this dye again.
The real test was the next couple of days. The color did not diminish at all, and the softness and manageability remained as well. I have gotten so many compliments on my new hair color. I would definitely continue to use this hair dye in the future.

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