Terra Delyssa Olive Oil Review

A high Quality olive oil that is perfect for everyday cooking, salad dressing and dipping. 
A fresh, smooth flavor profile makes Terra Delyssa, The only olive oil you need your pantry. 
you can cook with it, use it in your salad dressing, dip it with bread or even sauteing. 
Terra Delyssa is brought to America by the same farmers that produced it and cared for it from tree to bottle. We hand picked every olive and never used any pesticides or chemicals when caring for our trees. 
This offers you great value, great quality and the best traceability out there. 
Terra Delyssa line includes Organic Extra virgin, conventional extra virgin and organic infused extra virgin olive oils with Basil, Chili, Garlic and Lemon. 
We received a large variety of Terra Delyssa Olive Oil in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
My husband is the cook in our house. He exclusively cooks with olive oil, and has been experimenting with different brands and flavors. When we got this huge package of olive oils, organic olive oils and flavored olive oils he was in heaven and could not wait for an excuse to cook with them. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in everything he cooks on the stove pretty much. It’s healthier than some other alternatives, and not only allows the natural flavor of what he’s cooking to come through, it adds a nice flavor to some things. I absolutely love the citrus flavored olive oil. When he uses this, and puts it in the heated pan, it makes my whole kitchen smell amazing. This is great for cooking chicken and pork. It adds an amazing flavor to meats and vegetables. This is one of the better brands of olive oils we have used. Nothing sticks to the pan anymore, and this only enhances, never takes away from the flavor of whatever we are cooking. We have enough oil to last us quite awhile, but when we do finally run out, we will definitely buy this brand again!

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