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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sweet Treats In A Bouquet

A delightful gift for any occasion is a cookie bouquet. You can give this for a birthday, holiday or any other special occasion. One of the benefits of a bouquet is that you can add any item you enjoy or the recipient will enjoy. Since the cookies are wrapped in plastic or colored cellophane, they will likely last for a few days so that the person can enjoy the gift. 

First, find a container for your bouquet. This could be a basket that you can wrap a ribbon around or a vase that is large enough to hold all of the cookies that you want to add. Think about the occasion for making the bouquet as you want the container to reflect it, such as a clear or red vase for Valentine's Day or a red and white basket for Christmas. 

Next, think about the cookies that you want to make. The cookies should reflect the occasion, such as pumpkins for Halloween or tiaras for a girl with a birthday. You can get cookie cutters in almost any design from a craft store, or you can cut out designs if you have an eye for art. Each cookie will have a craft stick so that it can be placed in the Styrofoam. You should wrap each cookie so that it can last as long as possible. If the person will eat the cookies as soon as you give the gift, then you can possibly leave them uncovered, but make sure the cookies have a harder texture so that they don't fall over while on the sticks. 

Each stick should be added to a cookie before the cookies are baked. This will help to keep the sticks in place. Once the cookies are baked, you can begin decorating. Gels usually don't work with this kind of project as the colors will run together. A thick icing often works best as it will stay in place, especially if you put the cookies in the refrigerator before putting the bouquet together. When the cookies are placed in the container, you can add cellophane as well as other items that go well with cookies, such as boxes of coffee or tea.

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