Skin Again Skincare Product Review

Positive & functional skin care packed with potent active ingredients and positive intention, while maintaining cruelty-free and healthy environmental standards.
I received the Relief Sensitive Skin Lotion at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I have very sensitive skin, and I sometimes break out in random hives and itches with no explanation. I have used so many different lotions, sprays and creams in the past. Some worked well and some not so much. I am always up for trying new products that will help with the itching. This Skin Again Relief lotion was pretty amazing. It will stop itching in it’s tracks and soon as you apply it, and it maintains that relief for a long time. It soaks into my skin completely, so it does not leave my hands or skin feeling greasy at all. i can touch my skin a minute or so after applying without rubbing off any of the lotion, and it doesn’t transfer to my clothing either. There is no strong scent to this either. There is a scent, but it’s mild and does not bother me or anyone around me at all. This is a pretty awesome relief lotion and I would definitely buy this again!

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