Six Pack Fitness Meal Management Bag Review

6 Pack Fitness
6 Pack Fitness™ was founded with the mission of creating an innovative meal management system for elite athletes, bodybuilding enthusiasts and gym-goers everywhere. By developing the 6 Pack Bags line of travel gear and luggage, 6 Pack Fitness™ shows a passionate commitment to making fitness and nutrition on-the-go easier than ever before.
I received the Innovator Mini Static at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


I have had so many different lunch boxes and bags over the past few years, and I am never quite happy with them. There is always something missing. I either can’t fit everything in it, it doesn’t keep everything cold, or the containers get funky and smell so I can’t use them anymore. I was very impressed with what I read about this bag, so I could not wait to try this meal management bag for myself.

The first thing I noticed was how much I could fit in this to take with us, but also how compact and easy to carry this was. We use this two different ways. I use this to take lunch and snacks with me to work, and we use this when we are taking longer car trips to places like the beach, springs or Disney.

This bag comes with 3 20oz containers for meals or snacks, The side pockets can hold 2 large drink containers, and the supplement container can be used for vitamins and such, or the divider can be removed and you can use that for another meal or snack. This bag and the containers are great for me to take my lunch and dinner in for work because I can separate my hot and cold foods and only heat up what needs to be hot.

The design of the bag is sleek, and the stitching and zippers are sturdy so I don’t foresee any issues with this bag falling apart at all. I don’t carry much with me to work, so if I take out the top divider in the bag I can fit my small essentials as well like my wallet and keys. I can also toss these items in a side pocket if I don’t carry 2 drinks.

I love the quality and usefulness of this bag. I would definitely recommend this product and we will be looking at some of the bigger bags they offer soon!

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