Personalize It Yourself and ZipSign Reviews

I received several products at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

My Review
I love these products I got. The personalized pen and cup are perfect. No one can steal my pen and say it’s theirs. I drink coffee every morning, and this travel cup with the picture of my boys is my favorite travel mug to use. If I wanted to I could easily switch out the picture for another one. The lid closes tightly so there are no spills. The pen writes smoothly and is comfortable in my hand. These products get used almost every single day.
The ZipSigns have been a lot of fun for us, especially my boys. I use these to leave notes for my husband and boys. My boys use the colored one to leave me notes while I’m at work. These are easy to write on, and the marker erases cleanly so these can be written on over and over. These ZipSigns also roll up small so they can fit in a pocket or bag and not take up a lot of extra space.

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