Nakano Clean Label and Organic Rice Vinegar Review

NAKANO offers the very best in Natural and Seasoned Rice Vinegars. NAKANO is a proud member of the Mizkan Americas, Inc. family of products. NAKANO Rice Vinegar products are manufactured from real, whole grain rice and are naturally brewed in the traditional Mizkan manufacturing process that began in Japan more than 200 years ago.
Nakano is announcing the launch of a clean labeling initiative. NAKANO is announcing product reformulations for all seven varieties of rice vinegars, which now carry clean labels that include six or less recognizable, real ingredients (and coming soon NAKANO will launch Organic Rice Vinegars!).
We received a variety of the Rice Vinegar at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
I have never really liked vinegar. I don’t like the smell, and really don’t like the flavor. Then I was introduced to these rice vinegars from Nanko. I was surprised at how different these were from regular white vinegar. These add a nice flavor to meats like pork and chicken, and are really great when cooking fresh vegetables. These rice vinegars are a healthier alternative to some other sauces and marinades as well. We really like cooking with these!

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