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Monday, August 8, 2016

How to manage space in a small bathroom

How to manage space in a small bathroom

There is nothing worse than having a small bathroom. Like any other space within your home, it has specific function. Nevertheless, given that we like to associate hygiene and relaxation with it, it can be a quite a burden when you realize that you don’t have enough space to move around and perform all your needs in a spacious and comfortable environment.

To top it all off, this clutter can lead to additional issues. How many times did you knock of a basket with towels or some other clean item on a wet and filthy floor? Also, lack of space can limit your options when it comes to purchasing a bathtub. Instead of getting a nice, comfortable bathtub, you are forced to get a smaller shower cabin. This is especially hard for those that see bathroom as a sanctuary from everyday hustle.

Although we cannot help you with square meters, we are able to give you some tips that will provide more space within the bathroom and make the entire area look classier.

1. Using cupboard and boxes to your advantage

Everybody has a cupboard in their bathroom. This is the best way to store your make-up and other necessities. But, when it comes to small spaces, you need to be very careful not to overdo it. If you buy one enormous cupboard, it may prove to be a good, functional solution but it will completely mess up your interior design. Instead, you should add some boxes which you can keep on the ground level. Products which you use on a daily basis, such as drugs, ear wipes, scissors etc. should be kept within the cupboard. All the other items, mostly those that are rarely used, can be placed within various boxes which can be placed in the corners or in other inconspicuous places.

2. Focus on your mirror

There are numerous things that you can do with the mirror. First and foremost, it needs to be positioned in a way so that people can instantly notice it when they come into the bathroom. This will distract them from the fact that you lack space. Make sure to use a bigger, classier mirror. You can use a frame to further emphasize its design. Have in mind that mirror can and should differ from general theme. This is the best way to attract attention to it. Lastly, don’t forget about the lights! In conjunction with the mirror, they can create a nice impression.

3. Place as many thing as possible on the walls

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard and make a mess out of your bathroom. Instead, try to find a middle ground and evenly distribute things between the cupboard, boxes, baskets and shelves. Naturally, wet towels should be placed on a towel holder or a radiator,
which are commonly on the wall. On top of that, you can get much more space by installing additional shelves. Another popular method is buying jars and attacking them directly to the wall. They are a great solution for things which you constantly use such as ear wipes or cotton pads.

4. Use doors and area around the doors

Doors are a logical solution for towel holders. The biggest issue is that you are constantly opening them, which increases chance of towels falling off. Make sure that you have enough space so that you can easily open the door with towel holders installed on them. After that, consider adding shelves on top of the door. This serves two purposes: it gives you additional space which is out of sight and it prevents children from accessing potentially hazardous items or drugs.

5. Organize everything neatly

People usually lose space within the bathroom due to sloppiness. Best way to prevent this is by arranging everything properly. If you have a lot of make-up, make sure to get appropriate cases. Transparent boxes are also a good solution as they allow you to arrange everything systematically. Make sure to position towels one on top of another. They need to be properly folded and stored. Same goes for every other item within the room. If you find optimal placement for everything, you can do wonders with your limited bathroom space.

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