Good Food Made Simple Review

Good Food Made Simple exists because we believe we can make food better—by keeping things simple. 
We believe eating well should taste good, too. That’s why our recipes are created by a real chef. Our test kitchen is a real restaurant, and our ingredients are the best we can find—organic whenever possible. 
Simply put, we love what we do—bringing amazingly healthy, fantastic-tasting, easy-to-prep food options, to those who believe in nourishing our bodies the same way we do: with good food made simple.
I received coupons to buy Good Food Made Simple products at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I love oatmeal. I especially like the maple syrup and cinnamon flavored oatmeals. I am always looking for healthier options for my favorite foods. I have been eating the packets and pre made little bowls for the most part. I was kind of intrigued by this healthier, frozen oatmeal from Good Food Made Simple.
The ingredients are pronounceable and simple. The taste is really great as well. This cooks up quickly in my microwave so I can have a healthy breakfast even when I’m in a rush. This also makes a pretty hearty portion. This filled me up with some left over that my son also loved trying.
Good Food Made Simple has a huge variety of items for breakfast and lunch/dinner options. This is definitely a brand we will buy again for our house.

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